What Exactly Happens When your Car is Remapped?

car rammping

If you are looking forward to improving the performance of your car. Then you should significantly consider opting for car remapping. ECU remapping helps in boosting the performance of your vehicle in quite a cost-effective way. There are several advantages of ECU remapping which might help you in getting it. The ECU remapping is responsible for improving torque and power, gives better fuel efficiency, better overall performance and is tailor-made for your needs. You can also access car remapping near me, which might help you in availing all the perks of upgrading your vehicle. 

What is Car Remapping?

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Car remapping is also known as ‘chipping’. ECU stands for the electronic control unit. ECU is used to effectively manipulate the acceleration rate of a car from its previous acceleration readings of a vehicle. Similarly, to comply with driving regulations or to design the driving experience as they want manufacturers to use ECU. In addition to preventing the engine from being driven too hard which ultimately extends the lifespan of ECU. The functionality of a car’s ECU is altered by the process of car remapping. The engine remapping could be re-used in a later model with fewer restrictions placed on it, if engine performance is limited in one model, it also prolongs the engine’s reliability. If you want to get your car remapped, always look for an experienced professional to do so. Even if you are used to repairing some of your car’s engines, remapping the car could lead to engine deterioration. Subsequently, car remapping is often offered as a service of tuning car. 

What Exactly Happens when your Car is Remapped?

Car remapping helps in increased power, the performance of the vehicle or greater fuel economy of a car. The remapping of an engine is done through a car remap. Reversing limits on your motor engine, imposing speed, and controlling the ignition timings of a vehicle comes under the Engine control unit (ECU). 

A vehicle after undergoing ECU remap could consist of several benefits which are following:

1. Improves Drivability and Performance

The effective performance of a car is very important. If you want your overall car to have good performance, then you should go for remapping of a vehicle. After remapping your vehicle would be easier to drive, with 100% enhanced performance of a car. 

2. Improved Throttle Response

The throttle response and engine responsiveness could be improved with the help of ECU remapping. If you are concerned about enhancing your vehicle’s performance than you should think about getting ECU remapping of your engine. The throttle engine would be enhanced by itself. 

3. Completely Customisable

Nowadays people desire a customised car. You don’t need to be worried about a great customised car, instead, get a nice remapping of a car that would customise the car to your requirements. With remapping you don’t need to be dependent on customising your car, only a set of remaps would allow you to switch between them. If you want your vehicle to drive on conditions or on a variety of terrains, then exclusive customisation of a car would be a great idea! In addition to getting access to EGR removals, DPF deletes, and other garage services which might provide exceptional results to your vehicle. 

4. Enhance Torque 

Mostly the car manufacturer sets the limitations to a car, which could be removed by the remapping ECU. The area you do most of the driving should be suitable for tuner input new parameters. One should consider where you live, quality of fuel, altitude as considered several factors of the tuner. You would experience better torque and power outputs from the engine when combined with other tuning options. 

5. Better Fuel Efficiency

Car remapping helps with better fuel efficiency. You could cruise at a certain speed with less throttle by remapping your car for good. You would be burning less fuel when you apply fewer throttles on the road. Similarly, you can travel with one full tank of petrol with good driving practises which might improve the number of kilometres. 

6. Better Overall Performance

You might notice better overall performance after remapping your car. Other functions would follow suit, once your engine is performing better than before. 

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