Tips to Choose The Right Heated Towel Radiators?

We have pretty much advanced into winters but they are yet not gone. The cool breezes still blow and sends down shivers to our body. Baths could be a little not too wanted exercises unless your bathrooms are supplied with nice warm water sources and may be white towel radiators, which make bathing an enjoyable activity from start to end. Honestly, nothing matches the feel of a warm towel after the shower. 

You May Ask What Are Heated Towel Radiators?

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Heated Towel Radiators are great accessories for your bathrooms. These, like the rods aligned in the ordinary radiators that heat your home, are alignments of standard sized rods that could be used to warm your towels. 

They come in various shapes and sizes. This may lead you to confusion of how to choose the perfect towel radiator for yourself. But here are few factors that you may consider before implanting one at your home. 

Factors to Keep in Mind Before Installing Tower Heating Radiators

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What Kind of Heating System Do You Have?

This is what will help you determine the kind of heating radiator you need in your home. If you have installed a central heating system, this means you will have heated towel rails that are powered by hot water. As the central heating system is based on this principle, your towel heated radiator will be linked to your main heat supply. 

An electric heated towel will go well if you have a heating system powered by electricity. The best thing about these is that you can control their functioning by switching them on and off as per your requirement, regardless of turning on/off the central heating system.

Keeping your reasons for having these rails could also help you make a wise choice. For example, if you are looking forward to not only warm towels but for the bathroom to be warm as well, you can purchase hydronic towel radiators. 

There are some radiators available in the market which can use both sources of gas and electricity to warm towels. It is a feasible option as well. However, you cannot expect these tiny inventions to help you heat bathrooms or bedrooms. The advantage of having towel radiators that use both sources of power is that they can be used for Summers to dry towels without disturbing the normal working of your central heating system

The Sizes of These Radiators

The towel radiators come in a vast array of sizes. This means that it totally depends upon your need to buy one for yourself. The smaller it is going to be, the more energy-economic it is going to be. 

The Variety in Shapes and Styles 

Once you are done with the technical aspects like the size and source of power for your heated towel radiators, the shapes and styles are more dependent upon your aesthetics and how much you want to safe space for you. No matter what your criterion is, the variety in the styles of these heated radiators would not limit you. 

You can add a vintage touch to your washroom by using the traditional rails. They have the same appearance of the home radiators.  You can have them in vertical or horizontal alignment. The rods will be arranged as per your desire. There are some modern luxuries of rails available too. However, they are going to be too expensive if your need is to just have warm bottles. However, if you are styling enthusiast then you may find some of the designer rails as wonderful creations to be style statements for your house. 

If you are looking for vertical rails’ assortment for your towel radiators then a white towel warmer is for you. White always renders a classic look. Furthermore,  they are independent of the type of central heating system that you use in your home. They are adaptable to all sources and their versions are easily available in the market. 

You can also use chrome towel warmers or black towel warmers. All you need to know is what you think would complement the overall aesthetic of your bathroom, along with the level of comfort and function that it gives you. 

An Important Installation Tip

Whatever your final decision is, you need to remember one last thing. It is how to mount them on to your walls. Some do come with their mounting kits and others do not. So you need to survey the market to learn what would be a more cost-effective and safe way of doing so. 


You can buy the best towel warmers online. They are also readily available in the market. Find out the right company which is responsible to give you a warranty as well as guaranteeing you the best output you could expect from the towel warmers. For installation, you could easily ask the company to fix it for you and if you understand the central heating system of your home easily enough, you can do it yourself as well.

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