Take One, Cut, Print it—That’s a Wrap

On to editing. Digital video editing is one of the most resource intensive processes a computing environment can be tasked with. The demands for comprehensive, reliable, high speed computing for video editing and other high capacity digital needs, has given rise to a class of digital hardware which sets standards for the rest of the world. 

Small Tree has led the way and has risen to heights of excellence few can boast of. Custom configured hardware solutions tailored to each specific customer are the norm. This high end equipment is the industry standard for top film and recording companies, and the professionals who produce and offer these high speed network sharing solutions, stand proud of their work. 

Everyone’s business is their pride and joy and no matter what their product or service is, it is “mission critical” and having the highest quality computer hardware is always best. Cutting cost where reliability and speed can make the difference between a successful contract or failure is not even joked about in the largest industries. Milliseconds count; client workstations cannot lock up; secure network connections are a must. 

Large networks in companies are being relied upon a great deal these days and the best hardware possible is a best choice always. No matter what industry it is, vast amounts of data being stored and shared is a number one management priority. Making errors costs time and money and investing in the highest quality equipment and hardware saves time and money; always. 

The physical connections of a local area network or LAN have been the staple of the business network since the beginning. The actual connection points of the physical category 5 or 6 cables themselves have physical limitations, however, the performance of the hardware they are connected to is where the turbo-charging happens. The Ethernet cards and high-speed switches make the difference. Just as high quality and high-performance engine parts in your automobile increase power, so do the computer components in your servers and workstations, or “Client” computers. 

The progress and improvement in quality of materials; new technologies and better designs of computing hardware is a never ending, evolutionary process. Naturally the best rise to the top of the hill and staying there requires first rate customer service above all, aside from quality of your product. Top-notch technical support along with excellent customer service is what makes a great company. 

Of course, having the best product is great, but without the best people, half of the equation is gone. Professional customer service requires the most brilliant experts with experience beyond standard. Sales teams and top-level management, technicians and developers are all part of a great team working together to one end; first rate, professional shared storage and networking solutions in the form of beautifully crafted hardware with functionality second to none. 

Media professionals; film industry professionals and broadcasting and higher education institutions as well have all chosen the fastest and best shared storage solution. So too can you.

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