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ADHD offers a creative advantage to some individuals, but it comes at a price

A mind that races every time can be a curse and a blessing. This is what we are aware of.

Several individuals visit a therapy center because they are finding it difficult to concentrate, achieve set goals, and prioritize tasks. The questions are:

Why do I find it difficult to concentrate on a specific task at a time because my mind feels like a browser with several opened tabs?

I’m aware that I am not competent enough, but I easily get distracted, forgetful, or bored, which makes it difficult to achieve my goals. How can I compel myself to complete my tasks?

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I feel like my potential is being wasted. How do I correct this?

Sometimes, I make comments that surprise others. How can I stop this?

You can be experiencing ADHD, also known as Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder if any of the above questions relate to you.

ADHD is a psychological disorder that comes in with issues of concentration, hyperactivity, and impulse control. However, it is a neurodevelopmental disorder that I discovered at birth. It can remain until adulthood and can have an adverse effect on the daily life of those experiencing it.

Since it is a neurodevelopment condition, grownups experiencing it are unaware that the condition can be diagnosed and treated. To them, they are only experiencing a disrupted brain that is difficult to switch off.

Apart from the difficulties of performing daily tasks, ADHD can restrict an individual from achieving their dreams. This might not be very clear to them by other people might see this. For instance, their vulnerability to making mistakes and the absence of being self-aware or composure could prevent them from growing career-wise. Or the brief fuse could affect their relationships.

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An individual might be suffering from the hyperactive, the inattentive, or both types of ADHD. It is essential to know that the quality of life in career, relationships, and other areas can be achieved through proper treatment.

In spite of this, it is important to know that even though individuals experiencing it have a challenging life, it can come with a few benefits for those with creative goals. Let’s consider the two types.

  1. Achieving crucial goals

Individuals experiencing ADHD may be very creative and inventive as a result of the increased amount of goal-inspired motivation.

Based on research recorded in the Journal of Attention Disorders, it was discovered that grownups suffering from ADHD come up with more creative ideas when contending for a bonus, indicating that a significant motivation in locking in on their goals prompts their increased level of creativity.

Also, the researchers discovered that grownups suffering from ADHD, consider themselves to be very creative in certain areas, which suggests that they might succeed in tasks that require creativity and aligns with their abilities and preferences.

Generally, the data indicate that even though ADHD individuals have difficulties in specific areas, they have special qualities that can make them succeed through innovation and creativity.

Individuals experiencing ADHD can maximize their strengths like their increased level of goal-driven inspiration to become successful in areas that demand perseverance, professionalism, and determination when they have the required encouragement and care.

  1. Generating creative ideas

According to research documented in the Creativity Research Journal, it examined the benefits connected with having this disorder, like increased creative thinking. Please note that the research used a phone feature innovative task and word association task by hiring 30 students in colleges experiencing ADHD and 30 college students without it.

It was discovered that students experiencing ADHD exhibited higher performance than those without it in relation to flexibility, creativity, and novelty on the phone task. Furthermore, students experiencing ADHD evidently delivered word associations that are not relevant to the original word provided when performing the word association task. This shows that they possess the ability to be inventive and creative.


Having ADHD comes with a couple of strengths and advantages that can help those experiencing it. With additional study, we can start to discover the specific strong points that can be beneficial in maximizing living with ADHD.

It is important to consult a mental health professional to recognize how to better manage ADHD.

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