Why Should You Choose CenturyLink in Wisconsin?

Why Should You Choose CenturyLink in Wisconsin?

Amidst the scores of internet service providers that currently dominate the American telecom sector, CenturyLink is considered amongst the top ones. This service provider currently serves over 45 million Americans, providing them opportunities to stay connected via the internet and home phone service.

CenturyLink also provides cable TV service which allows its subscribers to stay up-to-date on the happening around the world. In addition, CenturyLink providing their services at reasonable rates too, especially the CenturyLink Internet deals. These internet deals are rated as some of the most affordable deals in the market today.

Currently, CenturyLink has a stronghold over multiple states, including Wisconsin, Arizona, and Washington, among many others. Below are some reasons as to why you should choose CenturyLink Services in Wisconsin:

Different Internet Connections

DSL and Fiber are the two internet types offered by the provider and are quite popular among most home-based customers. Although CenturyLink’s fiber-optic has relatively limited coverage, it is available to more than 9.6 million Americans. Interestingly, the limited coverage factor does not hamper its success for fiber internet. On the contrary, CenturyLink’s fiber internet service remains one of the best in the market.

Aims to Empower Americans via Top-notch Internet Services

CenturyLink has an explicit goal and that is to empower the American population via technological advancement. The high-tech shift, that’s in motion puts innovative tools at the disposal of the masses nationwide. Thus allowing the provider to ensure that its commitment towards technological excellence despite the ruthless competition in the telecom industry remains consistent and up-to-mark.

Awesome Range of Bundles

This ISP offers countless bundles that are created to fulfill all your digital needs. These bundles are quite affordable, for whether you want to purchase a fiber-optic internet plan or bundle up a high-speed DSL plan with TV and home service.

Irrespective of what you choose: a stand-alone plan or a mix of services together, you only pay for the services, with no extra costs attached. Furthermore, bundling different services together is also cost-effective. With all the services bundled together, customers get more options and more freedom to choose.

Contract-free Services

Although the provider ensures that all its customers are satisfied with the connection, their various plans, and services, that’s not always the case. To further facilitate its customers, CenturyLink ensures that its customer base has full freedom. They get contract-free services which give them the liberty to terminate CenturyLink’s services without anything to worry about.

There are no early-termination penalties and no additional costs that keep you attached to the service provider if you don’t want to! Definitely, a union made in heaven! However, this is a rare scenario as CenturyLink’s Price for Life scheme is enough to keep the consumer hooked on, especially when no other service bundles or packages sound as promising as the ones offered by CenturyLink.

CenturyLink’s Fantastic Speed Tiers 

The speed of the connection is what runs your internet. This is the one factor CenturyLink has covered in its DSL and fiber broadband connection because of the consumer’s ultimate need for high-speed internet service. Fortunately, CenturyLink has been able to fulfill its promise to deliver the fastest internet speed available in your area.

As of now, CenturyLink’s lowest speed tier consists of a 15 Mbps DSL connection while its highest tier consists of the uber-fast symmetrical fiber connection, which has speeds going up to 940 Mbps. The mid-tier speed options include 20Mbps, 40Mbps, 80Mbps, and 100Mbps, respectively.

What Happens if the Speed Tier is not available in Your Region?

Always check before investing in a service, if they are available in your region. For instance, if you are interested in acquiring a fiber-optic bundle but your area does not have the said plan listed, you can always opt for the other plan i.e. CenturyLink’s DSL Internet Connection. This is the best part of this service provider as their quality of internet service does not falter or flinch and it’s rare for the consumer to experience even the occasional hiccup from the network.

The high-speed DSL connection provides the consumer with a 100 Mbps-fast internet service. The consistent performance and exceptional reliability of the connection ensure that you enjoy all your online activities without any issue. Furthermore, users can be assured that multiple devices can be connected to the CenturyLink network, without compromising on the bandwidth.

Final Thoughts

CenturyLink ensures that you are never disappointed with its service. Their consumer-focused approach towards all their services is exceptional. Furthermore, CenturyLink ensures that you are never pestered or frustrated by petty issues such as internet speed throttle, binding contracts, or frequent price hikes.

Although this provider may have advanced well in comparison to its countless competitors, there are times when you might be dissatisfied with the service. In that case, we recommend that you check out buytvinternetphone where you will find some of the top ISPs in the region. Choose a provider that ticks all the right boxes for you!

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