Ways How to Download TikTok Videos Best 5 Methods in 2022

download tiktok videos on pc are by and by available in 75 unmistakable tongues ​​in 154 countries all around the planet and has in excess of 900 multi-month-to-month unique customers. This application is incredibly notable because it is remarkable according to standard online media stages. It allows more powerful collaboration of its group and everyone gets a comparable chance to include their lip-sync accounts, video difficulties, stunts, etc Furthermore as per the viewpoint of the general group, we can get a lot of satisfaction inside 15 minutes.

In any case, as fast as it comes, it moreover goes speedy. Conceivably the entertaining and creative video you saw several minutes earlier is now not on your page. Whether or not you’ve added the video any way you would like, it’s presumably going to be killed or set to private by its creator. The best course of action is to download Tiktok accounts that mean something to you and you want to watch them over and over later.

Don’t you know how to download Tiktok accounts? Today, we’ve assembled the 5 best ways of aiding you in 2021. Check out them now.

1. Ways How to Download TikTok Videos with the Save Video Option

Generally speaking, TikTok gives a download button to the accounts. What’s more, this is the clearest technique for saving the Tiktok video in a convenient application. Accepting you are new to TikTok without knowing how to find this decision, take a gander at the means under.

Stage 1. Open TikTok and notice the video you want to download.

Stage 2. Tap on the twisted bolt image and you’ll see a download button saying “Save Video” at the lower part of the screen.

Decision: Briefly press and hold the point of convergence of the screen. Later, the save button will jump up.

Stage 3. Press the Download button. At long last, you can notice TikTok accounts on your phone’s camera roll.

2. Ways How to Download TikTok Videos on iPhone

The iOS system is special as it keeps each application in a sandbox for security reasons, which makes it difficult to find a video download app for TikTok videos. It is able to bypass blocked downloads and download Tiktok videos without a watermark.

Step 1. Add DTikTok to the shortcut library and press “OK” when it asks for your permission to allow untrusted shortcuts.

Step 2. Hit the share icon on a TikTok video, and tap on “Other” in the “Share to” option.

Step 3. Then select DTikTok in the shortcut list. When it pops up a window asking for your permission, just keep tapping on “OK”.

Step 4. Then it will start downloading Tiktok videos to your camera roll. When it’s finished, you can open the Photos app to view it.

Note: Shortcuts expire soon, so you need to stay up to date on the latest version. Of course, there are alternative ways like using the Total Files app, sharing IG stories, and then saving it to IG, etc.

3. Ways How to Download TikTok Videos on Android

On an Android phone, it is extremely easy to find the TikTok downloader application. You can glance through Google Play and find colossal heaps of gadgets The underneath informative exercise is in regards to how to download tiktok to mp4 with synaptic.

Stage 1. Download and present Snaptik on your Android phone.

Stage 2. Open Tik Tok. Press the proposition button of your loved video and copy the video interface.

Stage 3. Open SnapTik and paste the association in it. Select “Download Video No Watermark”.

Stage 4. At whatever point it is downloaded, you can play and impart it in this application to a singular tap.

4. Ways How to Download TikTok Videos on PC

Tiktok has conveyed a Tiktok PC application in 2020 and by and by you can watch Tiktok accounts in a PC program. Accepting you notice any engaging TikTok accounts on your PC, an astonishing video downloader can help you with saving them without trading between your phone and PC.

VideoProc Converter, a versatile video director worked with a video download engine, gets the latest download modules of most video locales. Most strikingly, it can save locked TikTok accounts and download all TikTok accounts of a customer right this minute. Likewise, it is basic for anyone to download tiktok accounts to ABC like video proc converter. Likewise, when diverged from by far most of the online TikTok downloaders, VideoPro Converter is 100% trustworthy and free.

VideoProc Converter – Best TikTok Video Downloader for Windows and Mac

1. Download Tiktok in mp4 to ensure exceptional video quality.

2. Convert downloaded accounts to MOV, AVI, MP3, and 370+ setups.

3. Adjust TikTok accounts as you like, denoise, de shake, crop, add text, etc

4. Get accounts from 1000+ locales, including yet not confined to 5. TikTok, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

5. Rewards join video compacting, screen recording, DVD tearing, etc

Stage 1. Search your darling Tiktok video, viz. Top Viral Video @bellapoarch M to the Bee, and copy its association.

Stage 2. Dispatch VideoProc Converter on your PC. Open its hidden video downloader and hit “+video”. You would then have the option to stick the association in it and hold on for it to explore the association. Right when the association examination is done, pick a video objective, and snap “Download picked video”.

Stage 3. To download different Tiktok accounts, then, keep on sticking the URL on its “+Videos” decision. Then, pick a coordinator on your PC to save the video.

stage 4. Finally, press the “Run” button to start downloading accounts/accounts from Tiktok. In two or three minutes, you can watch accounts on your PC’s local accumulating.

5. Ways How to Download TikTok Videos Online

For example, the last strategy for using Tiktok Video Downloader online is:





These online downloaders generally follow an essential work process. For example, take the first here:

Stage 1. Go to Tiktok and copy the association with the video you really want to save.

Stage 2. Go to ttdownloader.com and stick the Tiktok video interface in this online downloader.

Stage 3. What’s more press the red button saying “Get Video”

stage 4. You will then, be given a couple of download decisions, you can choose to download the video without the TikTok logo, or download only the sound. Basically, click on the download button later in the decision, and thereafter the video will be saved in your program download coordinator.

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