Top Reasons You Need A Dedicated Server

A dedicated server in India offers businesses an opportunity to rent the whole server from the web hosting service. It basically means that you have the whole server along with all of its resources at your disposal, rather than having to share it with hundreds of other businesses as is the case with shared servers. 

Now that you are clear about what a dedicated server entails, let’s take a look at some of the main reasons buying a dedicated server might be compatible with your needs.

1. Customize your server

The entire dedicated hosting infrastructure is under your control regardless of whether you are renting it or running it yourself. The software of your server is also up to you to personalize according to your needs. This helps you get to select your OS and apps that your business might find beneficial. You can employ your resources any way you want and enforce backup. And security guidelines that will make your whole enterprise safer. You can direct the way your server and users connect. 

There is a lot more customization that dedicated servers allow you. Once the nature of your needs changes, dedicated servers provide you with the flexibility that lets you include new elements that can support your website. The luxury of adapting your server according to the growing needs. Your business is the perfect way to ensure success. So you can branch out any way you want, knowing that your server will be there to support and fulfill all of your requirements.

2. Dependable bandwidth

The flawless functioning of all aspects of your website depends on the bandwidth you have. This includes various apps and software. If the user experience you provide your customer is stellar, they are more likely to return and provide a great review to their family and friends as well. So this is free publicity through the word of mouth. Your dedicated server provides the steadiest bandwidth all the time regardless of a load of traffic and works it is encountering. There is no need to divide your bandwidth for the use of other businesses as there are no other users on your server. So there is no other influence on the bandwidth. The functioning of your website is extremely smooth given the fact that dedicated servers are built specifically to deal with the highs and lows of traffic.

3. Ensure maximum security

Security is the main concern for all website owners across the board. It is crucial especially if you deal with confidential information. It could be any piece of data including debit/credit card information, or any data concerning customer information. It is vital to keep it safe from any kind of invasive attacks such as viruses or malware, or it falling into dangerous hands.

Dedicated servers allow you to have complete control of your website’s security. So you can customize the features to fulfill your website needs. You have to shoulder the responsibility of carrying out these features properly but this has huge benefits for your website.

You can select between completely managed packages and partially managed ones. Basically, you can divide the responsibilities between your web hosting service and yourself. So you can get a highly educated and experienced professional to take care of your critical tasks while dealing with other responsibilities yourself.

4. Individual IP address

Since you have complete control of the server and the IP address assigned to it, it belongs only to you. You do not have to divide it among other users like you’re supposed to in shared hosting. It eliminates the possibility of the website next to your being spam and negatively affecting your own website ranking on Google and similar search engines. This is a crucial point in case you deal with sensitive financial information of the customer that requires utmost security for payments and protecting the information using SSL.

5. Duration for page loading

The reputation of your website can be harmed if its performance goes down due to longer loading times. Statistics show that the majority of users usually move on to your competitor’s website. If yours takes more than a couple of seconds to load. The time it takes to load your page is so crucial that Google has made it a major factor in SEO as well. Every server is designed with certain specifications. Which can become overburdened by the requests of several web hosting accounts taking a bite into the resources. It could take the website down. It basically means that your website could become unreachable entirely, or work extremely slowly. Dedicated servers are the answers to avoid this problem. 

6. Scalability 

Dedicated servers mean the sky is the limit for what you can accomplish. You can scale your resources however you want according to your needs. This will help in expansion and attracting more customers and earning. You can get this merely by upgrading to dedicated servers.

7. Dedicated servers provide worth for money

A dedicated server is a bit more expensive as compared to shared servers as you have an entire server and all of its resources are dedicated to you. However, dedicated servers have a variety of benefits like providing their services to several clients at once. 

Your managed dedicated server provider will take care of all the responsibilities which include providing the server hardware and maintaining it. Since there is a proper server provider in charge you can look to them for helping you solve any problem you might encounter or something goes awry.


In case you want to grow your online business and watch it succeed. You should buy dedicated server in India, as it is the perfect way to accomplish all of your goals. It can boost the performance of your website, which will, in turn, help your business grow, attract more traffic and end up increasing your revenue.

Regardless of your choice of a managed dedicated server, or you choose to manage it yourself, dedicated server hosting in India is the best choice you can make. It can help your business succeed and reach new heights.

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