Need some 10 gigabyte ethernet cards?

You started your business from scratch and succeeded wildly. Your rapid growth demands adhering to digital standards that are (go ahead, you can admit it) beyond your understanding. That’s why you hired a network administrative staff. People who can implement, manage and maintain your computer network so that you can focus on doing what you do best; running your business. So, when your network administrator comes to you requesting the best, you trust that the best is what you’re going to get. You pull the trigger and give the old’ “A-OK” and rush off to that big meeting. 

Before you know it, the computer on your desk is behaving differently. Your work seems to be flashing up before you can blink. Every action you click instantly reports back with the exact info you were requesting. ‘What’s going on?’ you think to yourself. Your tech staff has come through. They’ve upped your network to the next level and you couldn’t be happier. You still have no idea what a 10GBE Card is, and what the heck is an “Ethernet” anyway? but your tech guru sure knew. Thank the heavens! The increased speed has relieved stress you didn’t even know you had and as a result, you start ramping up your own work and leave the competition behind. What’s more is that when the monthly expense paperwork flashes up on your screen at lightspeed, and that inescapable uneasy feeling jolts you again involuntarily, what you though were going to be a monstrous cost is a delightfully unexpected affordability.

These days, the high paced world of technology and digital information continues to forge ahead ever faster. New and improved seems to always happen before you expect it and keeping up is often an exerciser in futility. Luckily, the best in the business of high performance digital hardware are keeping up for you, and when it comes to relatively old technology, such as the venerable Ethernet card, no exceptions can be made. When the workhorse of the networking world is still toting the line, they too can be upgraded to high performance levels. 

Installing these relatively simple devices is a very affordable option that will have instant effects throughout your entire office. The leap in speed for every desktop client can increase productivity exponentially. Fewer crashes and/or locked up screens and no more digital bottleneck problems will iron out the binary wrinkles and smooth operations for any company that relies on network servers to conduct day to day business. Even if the old Ethernet cards are working fine, the digital world waits for no one, and keeping pace can mean the difference of success or failure. Facing these realities is the bane of every business owner. The Ethernet card upgrade is the simplest of fixes in the network computing world. New windshield wipers on your car is a more complex and challenging issue than upgrading to high performance 10 gig network cards. Remember, time is money.

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