How to Choose the Best VPS Hosting Provider in the UK

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You obviously aim to find the best web hosting service for your website. However, sometimes Linux VPS hosting in the UK can be overwhelming due to the sheer number of providers and plans available. There are various other elements you need to figure out as well such as the cost you can afford, reliability, safety, the needs you require resources for, and the amount of growth you anticipate. 

All of your web hosting requirements can be easily met with a Virtual Private Server. You can depend on its resources to help boost uptime and performance. It is highly reliable. It is a lot more budget-friendly as compared to its Dedicated Server Hosting counterpart, and safer than Shared Server Hosting. It provides immense safety, along with a whole lot of control, room for customization, and isolation from other users to run your business without any interference. 

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS hosting service houses several businesses on the same server but they are isolated from one another, with a specific amount of resources assigned to every user. It’s basically like buying a house in a building. You are in the same infrastructure but are completely cut off from other tenants. The basic kind of Linux VPS hosting UK includes remote server access from anywhere in the world. You have a separate share of resources like bandwidth and storage that are not affected by the activity of other users on the same server. 

In case you are still unsure of the best ways to find the best VPS hosting for your business, we’ve got some tips you can follow.

  1. Hardware capacity

You need to assess the capacity of the hardware you receive with your choice of Linux VPS hosting in the UK. Your performance can be immensely affected by the amount of RAM you have. Usually, 256MB is considered enough for a normal website to function smoothly. The websites that have higher needs due to heavy apps or complex content will result in the need for more RAM. There is also a need for sufficient CPU resources because all the tasks are handled by the CPU. Once a user accesses your website, all the work must be dealt with by the CPU. Running out of these resources could have dire consequences such as downtime and glitches in the daily functioning of your systems. Hence, you need to find a web hosting service that provides ample RAM and CPU resources so that you don’t fall short when you need them. 

  1. Reputation

The reputation a VPS hosting service has in the market is most often earned. There are ones who have put in the work and earned a good reputation. You need to research and find these web-hosting providers or ask people who have been in this industry for a long time. However, do a thorough check of all aspects of their web hosting service including performance, scalability, customer support, and much more. Customer reviews usually provide good insights into the kind of service you can expect from the web hosting provider. So you can make your decision accordingly.

  1. Price

The features and amenities that VPS offers are close to those provided by dedicated web hosting services. You need to figure out the requirements of your website before you select a VPS hosting plan as it is important to not over or under-invest in the resources you might need. Find the plan that is most compatible with your requirements and also does not strain your budget.

  1. Guaranteed maximum uptime

While a 100% guaranteed uptime is a thing of myths as there are a number of things that can take the website down, a good VPS provider will ensure that the downtime is limited and that your website is up and running as quickly as possible. Ensure that whichever web hosting service you choose provides at least 99% uptime so that your website is online and available for users to access and buy your products and services for the maximum amount of time.

  1. Customer support

24/7 customer support is an essential feature that you must expect your web hosting service to provide. The majority of web hosts set up a ticketing or email system for customers to contact you in case they face any problem. While these options work well enough in case of small problems that are not time-sensitive in nature, it is not sufficient for problems that need to be resolved without losing any time. In these cases, phone support is essential. Your customers will be dissatisfied if they cannot talk to you directly if they face an emergency. Select a VPS hosting service that has 24/7 customer support available and provides several options of contact, including calls.

  • Security

The security of your entire database is the most crucial aspect for any website owner. Unfortunately, there are several harmful elements on the internet including viruses, malware, and hackers looking to infiltrate your website. Plus a natural disaster could also harm your database as well. Check the security measures that your prospective web hosting service has enforced. You should expect the highest amount of security measures guaranteed by your web hosting service, especially if your website deals with sensitive information such as credit card numbers, etc.

  • Managed vs Unmanaged VPS

Your web hosting provider shoulders all the responsibility of the server in managed VPS hosting. The only aspect that you need to take care of is the assignment that you are dealing with. Managed VPS hosting will provide you with more free time as most of your tasks are being taken care of.

Unmanaged VPS server hosting means you have to take care of all the responsibilities. The hosting provider will assign you your space on the server and nothing more. You have to take care of all the intricacies. In case there is any problem, such as a hardware crash, only then will your web hosting provider step in. while unmanaged web hosting does provide greater control, you need the knowledge to deal with its management properly.

  • Conclusion

Linux or Windows VPS hosting provides all the best features of dedicated with a fraction of its cost. So you can choose to have a managed or unmanaged hosting web hosting service. Its advantages include a higher amount of security, bandwidth, and control over your hardware. So your business can reach new heights with VPS hosting in the UK.

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